EOS Tax Relief as a Resource/Partner for Block Producers

If we are elected, we hope to be one of the biggest resources for all the other EOS Block Producers. We are assuming that some EOS investors may hold their investment and not have a taxable event in a particular year. However, elected Block Producers may have to sell their EOS into the market each year to fund their operation and their business model. Therefore, it creates a taxable event each year enabling Block Producers to leverage EOS Tax Relief to potentially get a return and give back to the EOS community. Depending on the price of EOS, Block Producers may have an enormous tax bill each year. Our model offers a way to get some relief from the painful process of paying taxes.

We anticipate having a very close working relationship with many of the Block Producers as they may be some of our biggest clients we serve each year. We will offer to communicate throughout the year to ensure we have the proper paperwork to expedite our business model to return value to the other Block Producers who will be securing the EOS network. We also hope to build relationships with many of you in order to solicit feedback on operational and governance challenges we may face if elected. Furthermore, we would like to get to know the other Block Producers to answer any questions you may have regarding our model and how we can be an asset/partner to all block producers. We are also hoping to open the lines of communication so we can prioritize our Tax Relief services for block producers.
If you are unclear about our business model or how we can be an asset to your Block Producer candidacy, please visit:


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